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Premium Hot Chocolate Mix Pouch

Premium Hot Chocolate Mix Pouch

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Our premium, semi-sweet hot chocolate mix is made of cocoa pure chocolate in its liquid form.
Like the cocoa beans from which it is produced, it contains both cocoa solids and cocoa butter to ensure that you will enjoy the authentic rich taste and smoothness of chocolate.

Place 6 heaping teaspoons of chocolate mix in a cup.
Froth 6 oz of milk or heat until almost boiling.
Mix hot milk with chocolate and stir well.
Add more chocolate or milk to meet the richness and thickness of your desire.

May we suggest that you top it off by dropping in one of No Chewing Allowed! Original French Truffles and enjoy a truly sensational cup of hot chocolate! 

Weight: 270 grams
Servings amount: About 8 cups

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